Aqua Clean

Aqua Clean – now at Gilberts

Gilbert’s of Swindon realise keeping upholstery clean in a busy household can be difficult.

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We are delighted to announce that we have just become official retailers for Aqua Clean – a new advanced upholstery treatment that makes removing stains incredibly simple, using just water.

Get ready for summer with cjc 1295 ipamorelin. Best effect! We have seen the Aqua Clean demonstration and were very very impressed. Using just water it removes things like pen marks, food & drink stains and other general day-to-day marks.

We now offer the majority of our upholstery with the Aqua Clean option.

The treatment is invisible and does not affect features such as texture, colour or odour. Aqua Clean is a mollecular shield which surrounds each fibre, preventing the stains from soaking into them.

If you would like an in-store demonstration of Aqua Clean, please pop in and see us.

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Situated in Old Town, Swindon – we are open six days a week, with plenty of parking nearby – so pay us a visit or call: 01793 431992